Youth educational platform “Texnobus” launched

The Texnobus educational platform was developed by the Ministry of Innovative Development in order to create the basis for Youth Technoparks, which will be gradually created in each region of the country, and to form a talented team of young people to work in such technoparks. “Texnobus” has all the amenities and is equipped with the necessary modern devices. The UzOtayol training bus, which can be powered directly from the mains, generator and battery, is capable of simultaneously teaching 12 students.

The innovative educational platform will train young people in the following areas:

– robotics and electronics;

– 3D prototyping;

– alternative energy sources;

– programming;

– VR / AR and other interactive areas.


The first visit was organized to the city of Akhangaran, Tashkent region. More than 20 enterprising young people from this region took part in the master classes.


In the context of a pandemic, for the purpose of safety, the next master class was held online in the form of an online conference for gifted youth in the Almazar district of Tashkent city. More than 30 initiative young people of the Almazar region took part in the online conference.